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Services and Rates


Shiatsu * Thai * TuiNa * CranioSacral * Deep Tissue/Therapeutic *Sports

* LomiLomi * Reflexology * Active Myostructural Release *

* TriggerPoint * Lymphatic Drainage* Cupping

Visceral Manipulation

And More!

First time client - One Hour only $55 !

(First time client special only applies for self-pay at time of service, and client must reside or have regular presence in the Portland Metro area)

All modalities except Medical Massage are billed at the same rates of

30 min = $45 (booking by special arrangement only)

45 min = $60

60 min = $75

75 min = $85

90 min = $99

Packages currently available:

Buy four hours at $10 off per session

Buy six hours at  20% off

Buy six 75 min sessions at only $60/hour

Buy five 90 min sessions, get one 60 min free

Buy 12 hours at $55/hour (best price!)



Cash, Check, and Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) gladly accepted.

Bodywork services are available by appointment at:

St Johns/North Portland:

8638 N. Lombard St Portland, OR 97203

(760) 613-5022




Sorry- Hot stone massage and Watsu are not available at this time.  If you ever get a chance to try Watsu in your travels - jump at it!

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